Weekly Specials

Another installment of Weekly Specials, bringing you everything that inspired me this week along with the recipes that I debuted. Enjoy!

Recipes To Try:

Jalapeno Popper Hand Pies: I’m a sucker for hand pies, and really any kind of finger food, but hand pies give you the delight of buttery pie crust right in your hands. These Jalapeno Popper Hand Pies sound amaaaazing. They’ve got cream cheese and two kinds of cheddar. What more could you want out of a recipe! It’s pretty hot outside so this recipe may have to wait until the temperatures start to drop but trust me, it’s on my radar. I will have these jalapeno popper hand pies in my life soon.


Recipes I Did Make:

Salty & Boozy Peach Sundae: I ate ice cream for lunch just so I could test this recipe out, and I don’t regret it at all. This recipe combines boozy peaches with a salty and crunchy topping. I found a new ice cream brand that I’m obsessed with so this topping was perfect for their vanilla flavor, and I’m not a vanilla girl in the slightest. This recipe made me want to eat vanilla ice cream and I think that is a very powerful thing.

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail: This week I did another post of Happy Hour Matchmaker where I taught you how to make the Harvey Wallbanger and paired it with a variety of snacks for you to make or buy as a match to the cocktail. There’s a recipe for Mini Monte Cristos that I definitely recommend you try.


Local Inspiration:

Jt Daniels: Jt Daniels is an illustrator and muralist based in the Kansas City area. I was introduced to his artwork last week and knew I had to buy a print. A lot of his work features beautiful women with even more beautiful and intricate hair. He uses the hairstyles to say everything he needs to say in his work and I can’t get enough of it. I have to recommend you check out his website and his store because you will not be disappointed with what you find.

Louisiana Bulldog: I was in Dallas over the weekend visiting my best friend! In between all the eating, drinking, and being merry, we stopped in to a bar that she insisted had the best cocktail. It was called the Louisiana Bulldog and boy was it good. It’s a combination of Tito’s vodka (a Dallas brand), milk, Kahlua, and root beer. Like a White Russian mixed with a Root Beer Float. It was served over ice and was hands down the best cocktail I had while in Dallas. It seems super easy to make at home too so I’m looking forward to trying out some variations.

Emporium Pies: Another thing that my best friend insisted we try was Emporium Pies. They are a tiny cute little pie shop in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, which is equally tiny and cute. It was ~especially~ exciting because they were celebrating Christmas in July while we were there so the pie shop was full-on decorated for Christmas. They even featured holiday pie flavors. I got the Drunken Nut, which was bourbon, butter, brown sugar, and pecans baked in a shortbread crust. This shop is especially awesome because their pies don’t feature any preservatives, dyes, or corn syrup. I’m already dreaming of when I can go back to try more pie.


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